Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Special Holiday Track Request!

Am I good to my readers, or what?? This track is for Dan...Enjoy it everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve by Better Than Ezra

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Mix #5: "Merry Christmas from Betty!"

Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday Mix #4: "New Traditionals"

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday Mix #3: "Cold Comfort"

Front Cover:
Back Cover if you download the one track playlist:
Back Cover if you download individual tracks:


I created this mix four or five years ago for a friend and have really enjoyed the mix of chilly pop tunes - all sung by women by the way!

I have uploaded it as a full mix and have it offered as individual tracks as well, if you prefer just a few. Notice that I even included some CD art for those of you who want it! How great am I? I hope Santa's watching...

I haven't figured out how to upload via Zipped folder yet...sorry.

Cold Comfort Mix (ALL 17 songs as one track)


Solus...Triona Ni Dhomhnaill

Winter...Tori Amos

Frozen Charlotte...Natalie Merchant

Song for a Winter’s Night...Sarah McLachlan

Freezing...Miranda Sex Garden

Under Ice...Kate Bush

Blue Bell Knoll...Cocteau Twins

Soon After Christmas…Stina Nordenstam

Icicle...Tori Amos

Snow Come Down...Lori Carson

Snow...The Innocence Mission

Hockey...Jane Siberry

February...Dar Williams

Snowman...Jan Krist

Ice...Sarah McLachlan

Cold...Annie Lennox

Cold Comfort...Michelle Shocked

Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Mix #2: "December Will Be Magic"

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Holiday Mix #1: "All Wrapped Up In Dysfunction"

I festively offer you a selection of holiday songs decorated in realism...for those of you who think that "the most wonderful time of the year" is a bunch of hooey!

"But when they tried to plug their motorhome in
They blew our Christmas lights"

Merry Christmas from the Family by Jill Sobule (written by Robert Earl Keen)

"I got knocked up over vacation
Yeah it sort of labeled me as strange
And here I find myself this Christmas Eve
With a babe in a hospital manger"

Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones by The Nields

"I decided to forgive and forget
I thank god you're comatose"

Sno Cat by Kristin Hersh

"Baby what is this
we are two star-crossed bits
of an equation"

December in New York by Thea Gilmore

"I found some hate for you
Just for show
You found some love for me
Thinking I'd go"

Silent Night by Lisa Hannigan w/ Damien Rice

"Your body strange as dynamite
Killers underneath our skins
Black mirrors black hyacinths
Oh my eyes"

December by David Gray

"Have I enough time, have I just some time,
to revisit, to go back, to return, to open my mouth again
and say something different this time."

25th December by Everything But the Girl

"And I ask of the lord to spare me his sword of forgiveness"

Christmas with Jesus by Josh Rouse

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Last Town Chorus - featured on Podcast #12

  • LINK to Podcast #12: "Betty's "Warm Covers and Cold Comfort" Mix!"

  • I purchased The Last Town Chorus CD a couple of months ago through
  • CDBaby.
  • I had downloaded several of their free MP3s (including some from the SXSW homepage) and really adored a few of them. The album is quietly moody and reminiscent of the southern gothic sound of Mazzy Star. Listeners who appreciate subtle sounds and lilting lap steel, along with lonely vocals and melancholy phrasing should appreciate this CD immensely.

    The band is getting some pretty nice press coverage as displayed on their webpage. Publications such as No Depression, Paste, Uncut and The Village Voice have given some pretty nice reviews to this up-and-coming group.

    See excerpts from the webpage below:
    "Even before Hickey spellbinds listeners with her Gillian Welch-meets-Hope Sandoval voice, the sheer exclusivity of what you're seeing is enough to make you stop and gawk."
    Paste Magazine (July 2005)
    "This highly seductive debut is set to spellbind a whole new set of languid disciples. Floating on the thawed-crystal voice and lap steel of songwriter Megan Hickey...the sound they make is a liquid tension of urban and rural, transplanted souls with an impossible longing for the best of both"
    UNCUT, UK (January 2005)
    "The tension between the permanent and transitory, between belonging and leaving, marks the music as fundamentally urban. HIckey's lap steel conjures up street lights and Navy yards rather than dirt roads and front porches."
    No Depression (July/August 2005)
    "Brooklyn's Megan Hickey is basking lately in the one-two-three punch of glorious praise overseas, coveted showcase gigs, and new material that kicks her ethereal music into grander, grittier gear. She sings like an angel and plays lap steel guitar like the Devil. Audio Narcotics."
    Village Voice (March 2005)

    Impressive for newbies, don't you think? I am not GAH-GAH over the CD myself, but really do like CD tracks "Change Your Mind" and "State Fair". I am looking forward to the new CD that, according to the website, is being recorded in Brooklyn at present.

    I have always loved this genre of dark and moody country-twinged music. The Last Town Chorus joins the ranks of new artists like Jesse Sykes, Trespassers William and Nina Nastasia, as well as southern goth goddesses Hope Sandoval and Margo Timmins. It's just so lovely and painful...makes you want to take a walk by the "crick" and then go "off yourself" in the barn with daddy's shotgun. Well, not really.

    Their website has LOTS of FREE MP3s!! Here are a few I've enjoyed...JUST DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN...

  • "Change Your Mind"
  • from
  • The Last Town Chorus

  • "Oregon"
  • from
  • The Last Town Chorus

  • "Wire Waltz"
  • from
  • SXSW 2005

  • "Modern Love (David Bowie cover)"
  • - Recorded at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, March 3rd, 2005

    These tracks are available, along with lots of other information and SONG STREAMS, at
  • The Last Town Chorus' webpage!

  • If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!
    Buy their CD
  • The Last Town Chorus