Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"b-side" the bunch #8: beth orton "best bit"...and more

Another ep from early on in Beth's career..."Best Bit" ep (1998) featuring (American folk-soul legend) Terry Callier. "Touch Me with Your Love" is a live version of the track off of "Trailer Park", "Lean on Me" is a duet with Callier (it was originally performed by him?), and "Dolphins" is a Fred Neill cover song...Here they are:

01. Beth Orton - Best Bit

02. Beth Orton - Skimming Stones

03. Beth Orton - Dolphins

04. Beth Orton w/ Terry Callier - Lean on Me

05. Beth Orton - Touch Me with Your Love (live)<

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  • "b-side" the bunch #7: beth orton "she cries"...and more

    Beth Orton's new release is called "The Comfort of Strangers" and is well worth the listen...and purchase, in my opinion. I still love her early stuff the best...probably because of the place I was in my life when I discovered her.

    Here is an ep from 1997 featuring "She Cries Your Name" from her "Trailer Park" debut. The other tracks are "b-sides", including the last track "It's Not the Spotlight"...which I remember being sung by Rod Stewart? Is that right?

    01. Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

    02. Beth Orton - Bullet

    03. Beth Orton - Best Bit

    04. Beth Orton - It's Not the Spotlight

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