Sunday, December 11, 2005

Holiday Mix #1: "All Wrapped Up In Dysfunction"

I festively offer you a selection of holiday songs decorated in realism...for those of you who think that "the most wonderful time of the year" is a bunch of hooey!

"But when they tried to plug their motorhome in
They blew our Christmas lights"

Merry Christmas from the Family by Jill Sobule (written by Robert Earl Keen)

"I got knocked up over vacation
Yeah it sort of labeled me as strange
And here I find myself this Christmas Eve
With a babe in a hospital manger"

Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones by The Nields

"I decided to forgive and forget
I thank god you're comatose"

Sno Cat by Kristin Hersh

"Baby what is this
we are two star-crossed bits
of an equation"

December in New York by Thea Gilmore

"I found some hate for you
Just for show
You found some love for me
Thinking I'd go"

Silent Night by Lisa Hannigan w/ Damien Rice

"Your body strange as dynamite
Killers underneath our skins
Black mirrors black hyacinths
Oh my eyes"

December by David Gray

"Have I enough time, have I just some time,
to revisit, to go back, to return, to open my mouth again
and say something different this time."

25th December by Everything But the Girl

"And I ask of the lord to spare me his sword of forgiveness"

Christmas with Jesus by Josh Rouse


Anonymous Dan said...

great stuff, especially Jill Sobule. You got Better than Ezra "Merry Christmas Eve"? It's great, but it was only on a single from the early 90's and I can't find any mp3. I think you would dig it the most.

3:53 PM  
Blogger "Betty" said...

Thanks, Dan...I recall that from "back in da day"...I'll check my CD library...I may have it on a compilation! :) Thanks for stopping by...

3:07 PM  

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