Saturday, April 28, 2007

"BEE"-yond the Bunch: "What's the BUZZ, Betty?"

Check out these links for some great websites featuring FREE and LEGAL music by women!!!
(above artwork by Cassandra Christensen Barney)

LIVE Daytrotter session with MATES OF STATE! Four GREAT Songs.
Power Pop with Brains!

(Source: Daytrotter) *********************************************************************

THREE FREE SONGS from VIVA VOCE! Airy Pop-py Goodness...Cotton Candy for the ears.

Key Track: "Alive with Pleasure"

(Source: betterPropaganda) *********************************************************************

LOTS OF FREE TRACKS from CARLA BOZULICH! Gritty folk. Intelligent lyrics.

(Source: homepage) *********************************************************************
FIVE FREE TRACKS from LAUREN SHERA! Young Folk-Pop Prodigy.

(Source: homepage)

(Source: NPR)
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