Saturday, March 25, 2006

"got them covered" part 2: SCALA choir sings U2, The Verve, Muse, The Police...

Here's some more...check back soon for covers of Rammstein, Foo Fighters, Travis, Wheatus, Depeche Mode and more...
  • Information on the choir.

  • Thanks to
  • supergurg
  • for the "nudge".


    Scala - With or Without You (U2)

    Scala - Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)

    Scala - Muscle Museum (Muse)

    Scala - Every Breath You Take (Police cover

    If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTISTS and BUY, BUY, BUY!
    Buy their CD
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  • You won't be disappointed with the tunes...and there's very little talk, so you can enjoy the music. Tune in and listen!


    Blogger supergurg said...

    thanks again!

    10:09 PM  
    Anonymous Teri said...

    loving the scala posts! thanks!

    2:14 AM  
    Blogger curious servant said...


    I love this!


    Thank you.

    9:22 AM  
    Blogger Mike Todd said...

    Thanks for the links

    1:57 PM  
    Blogger A/T said...

    Awesome choir. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely look into their work.

    9:52 PM  
    Anonymous lee woodman said...

    great music, buy as soon as i get to music store!

    6:26 AM  
    Anonymous rich said...

    As a big fan of u2 and with or without u is in my top 5 i was shocked at how much i loved this version, thank you so much for sharing. love & Peace rich

    3:23 AM  
    Blogger Pastor Buzz said...

    I'm a pastor and I read where U2 is being used in Eucharistic liturgy. I found this by searching for a songlist for such a service of Holy Communion. This is a fantastic version and I, too, am a U2 fan.
    Grace and peace ...

    7:50 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    absolutely amazing, i heard this played on radio 1 on christmas morning & its taken me till now to find it again. big U2 fan with this being my number 1 song but this version is something else

    9:08 AM  

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