Monday, March 20, 2006

"b-warned": new solo artist sia (of zero 7) will take your breath away...

  • Sia Furler
  • of the stellar chillout band
  • Zero 7
  • has released her mesmerizing debut album entitled "Colour the Small One".
    I have had this CD on constant play around the house and have discovered that it only gets more intriquing with every rotation.

    Reminiscent of the airy pop vocals of Dido, Jem or St.Etienne's Sarah Cracknell, Sia reaches an impressive level of sophistication for a new solo artist. Melodies are complex, layered and luscious. "Colour the Small One" is already getting rave reviews amongst a diverse audience of musical aficionados. I add my vote of a strong four and a half out of five stars!!

    Buy the music
  • HERE.

  • Listen below and close your eyes...
    And check back soon for more mold-breaking emerging artists to b-watched!

    Sia - Rewrite

    Sia - Butterflies

    Sia - Breathe Me (Ulrich Schauss remix)

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  • You won't be disappointed with the tunes...and there's very little talk, so you can enjoy the music. Tune in and listen!


    Blogger supergurg said...

    ooooh! great to see you featuring Aussie talent :D

    Sia's work is brilliant - if you can find it, track down a copy of her song "Drink to get Drunk" from her earlier solo album - simply awesome!

    Gurg @ Marvellous Musical Melodies

    6:36 AM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    Hey, supergurg...didn't even realize she has another solo...will definitely check this out! Thanks!

    9:19 AM  

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