Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lola Spinner - featured on Podcast #16

  • LINK to Podcast #16: "Betty's Eclectic Electric Chix Mix!"

  • I first heard of the Parisian band Lola Spinner through a friendly email from Dave (the band's guitarist). After listening to the free MP3's on their website, I decided a CD purchase was inevitable. I was able to find "Shadow", the band's first release at
  • Not Lame Recordings.

  • The sound is very much in my listening Dave probably assumed, looking at the music selections for past podcasts. He was right on target, as the band is smart, sexy, classy and sassy. A true band to represent the City of Lights, n'est pas?

    Below is an excerpt from the band's biography:
    "Originally formed by Nadège and Guillaume the group [Lola Spinner] was completed by the arrival in Paris of Dave H, ex-guitarist of Josephine Wiggs, bassist of the Breeders.

    From early beginnings in an adrenalin fuelled Brit-pop, the sound of Lola Spinner rapidly moved towards a more personal style exploiting the contrast between complex but forceful guitar textures and the crystalline voice of Nadège...

    Following the formation of this definitive line-up three years ago, the group assembled and reworked new and old compositions to produce the album “Shadow” released in 2005 and providing for the first time a sample of the potential range of the group over twelve original and diverse tracks.

    Marked by a striking cover, the CD was well received resulting in a distribution contract signed with Believe, placement on VirginMega and other sites and significant French press coverage. The group are now in the process of terminating the recording of a further five new songs for their next album, putting into even greater relief the melodies and voice of Nadège over a larger and fuller sound. An unplugged version of one of these, “Full Time Job”, has already been selected for a compilation on a famous Parisian label, due out at the end of [2005]. Despite the tendancy of reviewers to align them with such groups as Echobelly and Mazzy Star, Lola Spinner have continued to advance in their own personal direction, absorbing and transcending their influences to produce something unique."


    The vocals of Nadège call to mind not so much Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star), but Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None the Richer) or the sweet vocals of Eisley or The Sundays. These girlish vocals coupled with the hard-edged guitars and noise-pop energy marries the best of two worlds. The sounds call to mind the Cranes, Medicine, Scheer or the more aggressive Juliana Hatfield albums.

    I look forward to getting the new release and hearing more from Lola Spinner...a rockin' emsemble with class. I hope that Nadège sings some songs in French on the next effort...her vocals are gorgeous.

    Their website has LOTS of FREE MP3s!! Here are a few I've enjoyed...

  • "Rise Above"
  • from
  • Shadow

  • "Shadow"
  • from
  • Shadow

  • "Full Time Job"
  • from
  • Shadow

  • These tracks are available, along with lots of other information (in French) and another MP3, at
  • Lola Spinner's webpage!

  • Also check out their brand new
  • myspace page
  • for even more MP3s!!

    If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!
    Buy their CD
  • Shadow!!


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