Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"b-warned": new artist helicopter girl is funky and fine...

"Voodoo Chic" is a phenomenal release that held my CD Player captive for the first few weeks I had it. It has finally been released in the States, and her first release "How to Steal the World" is available as an import
  • HERE...
  • or you can download "Voodoo Chic" at iTunes.

    I highly recommend both!! I am so loving
  • Helicopter Girl
  • ...her voice is a bit scratchy like Macy Gray, but there's a sophistication that Macy lacks. You can really feel the heat in her spicy retro-stylings with that same strange lyrical beauty reminiscent of Annie Lennox, or perhaps a less-folky Everything But the Girl...moody and sexy...You'll be mesmerized!

    And if you dig this sound...
    check back soon for more 70's retro sounds from A Girl Called Eddy!
    Another mold-breaking artist to b-watched!

    Helicopter Girl - Angel City

    Helicopter Girl - Umbrellas In The Rain

    Helicopter Girl - Flesh & Blood

    Helicopter Girl - Subliminal Punk

    Helicopter Girl - 345 Wonderful

    Helicopter Girl - Its Not Fetish

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  • You won't be disappointed with the tunes...and there's very little talk, so you can enjoy the music. Tune in and listen!


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