Sunday, November 06, 2005

Andrea Maxand: featured on podcast #8

  • LINK to podcast #8: "Betty's Better Than Shoes Mix!"

  • I first heard Andrea a few months ago from some website (can't remember now) with a free mp3...I think the first song I heard was "Cassie's Song"...and I was so struck by the tune and that voice...beautiful and uplifting...I loved her sound immediately!

    A week or so ago, I placed a large order at CD Baby and found Andrea's newest release, "Where the Words Go" for a GREAT PRICE. I've listened to it four or five times and it is REALLY growing on me. So I'd thought I'd share the good music!

    Andrea is a relatively new artist based out of Seattle...and seems to tour the West Coast primarily. Besides her newest, she has two previous albums that I will be purchasing in the near future!

    Andrea has toured with some of my favorite "Betty's": Kristin Hersh, Heather Duby and Mary Lou Lord and has gotten some attention from KEXP.

    She shares some of her reviewer accolades on her website. Such as, "Soaring vocal harmonies contrast with filtered whispers, undercut by grinding guitars and churning bass. A tender bridge offers a poignant respite, before boiling over to the finish line. And that's just the first song." (Matt Wexler, west coast performer magazine, July 2004)
    AND "Equipped with a falsetto that rises and rips into the stratosphere with delicious, edgy bursts, Maxand is an affecting singer with impressive range, but she's an equally powerful lyricist." (Alex Green, amplifier, July 2004 )

    PRETTY IMPRESSIVE, EH? Give her a listen and, if you like it, buy it!!


  • "Paper Cut"
  • from
  • Paper Cut EP

  • "Bedroom Window"
  • from
  • Where the Words Go

  • "Half a Joke"
  • from
  • Where the Words Go

  • LINK TO MYSPACE to hear an extra track, "Lonely Ghoul"

  • These tracks are available, along with band information, at
  • Andrea Maxand's webpage
  • and at
  • Andrea's myspace page!

  • If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!


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