Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rykarda Parasol -featured on podcast #7

  • LINK to podcast #7: "Betty's Graveyard Shift Serenades!"

  • Wow...what an AMAZING VOICE...I had to introduce you all to this band!! Dark, moody - the type of music that expands the favorite kind.

    Their website attempts to explain their sound:
    "Often describing themselves as underhanded and white-collar criminal, comparisons to the Bad Seeds, Johnny Cash, and the Velvet Underground come to mind. These cinematic songs lay out stories of bad deeds and betrayed loves with stark simplicity."

    The obvious comparison to my ears is Concrete Blonde...Rykarda's vocals echo the best moments in Johnette Napolitano's body of work. That shady, dusky whiskey-breath vocal delivery. The dark nature of the lyrics bring to mind PJ Harvey or the above mentioned Bad Seeds...all the best of the wicked stuff!

    Rykarda, as of the present, has released a six-song ep called "Here She Comes..." - three of the songs are available in mp3 format for FREE on her website!!Another non-ep track "Hannah Leah" is accessible for download through her myspace site.

    Enjoy!!...I am ordering the ep today from

  • "Lullaby for Blacktail"
  • from
  • Here She Comes...

  • "She's Like Heroine to Me"
  • from
  • Here She Comes...

  • LINK TO MYSPACE for extra track "Hannah Leah"

  • These tracks are available, along with band information, at
  • Rykarda Parasol's webpage!
  • Add yourself to the mailing list...I'm eagerly anticipating a full-length release!

    If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!


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