Sunday, October 23, 2005

Emily Bezar -featured on podcast #6

  • LINK to podcast #5: "Betty's Intergalactic Chicks Mix!"

  • I first came across Emily Bezar six or seven years ago...simply by accident. I was in my piano goddess phase...had purchased everything i could get by tori and kate...knew it all by heart and was really craving some new stuff with the same "music blood-type".

    I first purchased
  • Moon in Grenadine
  • and was so excited with my find that i played the cd for two weeks straight! I quickly found the earlier release
  • Grandmother's Tea Leaves
  • ...and enjoyed that as well.

    While looking for some good quality legal tunes for my podcasts, i decided to find emily's website and was pleasantly surprised to find so many free mp3s to download!! I was also thrilled to see a download-only ep called
  • Rococo B-sides
  • How generous to her fans...and the tracks are amazing...i included one in podcast #6 called "falling up"...wasn't it great?? Well, here are some more for you to enjoy...

  • "Rain in Calgary"
  • from
  • Moon in Grenadine

  • "Avalanche"
  • from
  • Grandmother's Tea Leaves

  • "In My Sky"
  • from
  • Angels' Abacus

  • These tracks are available, along with others, at
  • Emily Bezar's webpage!

  • If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!

    These should get you in the mood to buy the new kate that's on it's way...although these tracks definitely stand all on their own! What a talent...
    Perfect for the fall weather - - just need a warm cup of herbal tea (mint is my favorite) and these warm tunes to keep cozy...cuddle up.


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