Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rose Polenzani - featured on Podcast #10

LINK to Podcast #10 "Betty's "Falling Leaves When Leaving Falls" Songs"

I first heard of Rose Polenzani seven or eight years ago...I think I read something relating her to the Indigo Girls as an opening act or something. I added her name to my "list of wanted music"...which has long since become a book! I could never find anything in my used cd stores for years...this was before I was a strong on-line purchaser. Then a group called Voices on the Verge came to Blueberry Hill (Chuck Berry's local St. Louis restaurant/club).

Voices on the Verge included Jess Klein, Beth Amsel, Erin McKeown AND Rose Polenzani. What an amazing show...still one in my top twenty!! I purchased a few of Rose's CDs at the show and still fish them out on a regular basis. Her songs are simple and gentle, but never boring.

Her lyrics never disappoint, they are nakedly pure and emotionally smart. Lots of songs about So many of Rose's songs stand out in the mass multitude of depressed chicks with guitars and I'm not sure why. She has a way with her phrasing and melodies that make them really resound in the ear as well as the heart.

Her website has LOTS of FREE MP3s!! Here are a few great ones...I am buying her newest CD (August) today! (The Voices on the Verge effort is AMAZING as well!)


  • "You Don't Know"
  • from
  • Dragersville

  • "Or" (featuring Andrew Bird)
  • from
  • Anybody

  • "Thom II"
  • from
  • Voices on the Verge

  • "Explain It to Me"
  • from
  • August
    These tracks are available, along with lots of other information and MORE FREE MP3S, at
  • Rose Polenzani's webpage
  • and at her
  • myspace page!!

  • If you like the music, SUPPORT THE ARTIST and BUY, BUY, BUY!


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